Another warm, sunny week in Roma

My favourite painting of Our Lady in the museum. I’ve never seen a picture where she has a visible ‘bump’. I think it’s lovely.

This week has been fairly calm but very pleasant. We’ve had a couple of thunder storms, but to be honest, it’s still very much shorts and t-shirt weather. Not that I want that though, because I’m definitely ready to go into Winter mode. Now, I know you’re probably thinking ‘what an ungrateful so-and-so’, and to be honest, I’d think the same. But, running to the train station + hot weather at 8am does not make for an attractive looking Rhoslyn, d’you know what I mean? I want frosty mornings and to get my lovely new wool coat on. Yes.

Apart from that, last week someone from my work wangled an afternoon off so that we could visit the Vatican museum, which is only about 10 minutes walk from work. Let me tell you that I love the Vatican museum. I love that people were so committed to their religion that they would make a humongous tapestry of the last supper and do every stitch by hand. We need religious art like that again. I can’t be doing with modern religious art…it’s too awful. I also love all the busts which are there, all the massive baths which have been taken from various places in Italy, used by famous emperors. I think it’s one of my favourite museums.

I also met a girl a couple of weeks ago who asked me to be her running buddy. I love having a running buddy because you will always run faster and for longer with someone else there, probably because you’re actually competing against them to some extent. Our first run was about an hour and a half, so it’s been a very successful partnership! We actually went to a karaoke bar the other day after a run. It was hilarious. I have never seen so many men, with their muscles out or in hoodies and baseball caps, drinking red wine and listening to someone wailing their favourite choon using a dodgy microphone. It really seemed like the place to be in Santa Marinella. Fair enough, I thought. Karaoke is obviously where it’s at here. We will probably be making many a trip to ‘Monkey’s bar’ (don’t ask me why they picked that name. It’s supposed to be an Irish pub…), especially because they gave us about half a bottle of wine each for €2.50! I could get used to that! 

Next week, I’m starting Italian lessons with a private tutor and I’m hoping that I will learn really quickly. I know French already and I think that I’m good at picking up languages, so I think it will go well. Watch this space because I will be chatting away to Italians before you know it.

p.s. In case anyone is wondering, no, I have not met any Italian men that I would ever consider as a possible boyfriend. In other news, these past couple of days have only shown me that I am cursed and destined to be a childless and alone. So there. More details another day…maybe.


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