So I ended up wearing a mantilla today instead of my shawl/pashmina because I couldn’t get it to sit right and a mantilla is very easy to wear. Once I learn how to tie it and everything, I think I might just wear the pashmina, though it is a bit long!

My Mum and Dad are visiting and my Mum unexpectedly came to mass with me too. She was raised in the old rite, but of course there is not much opportunity for Traditional Latin Mass in Cardiff these days! I think she enjoyed it, though there are no cushions on the kneelers in this church, which can be quite painful (not as bad as the confessional though, ouch!)

A tiny baby (I got to hold her afterwards, yay!) was also baptised today which is so nice. I cannot say how grateful I am to my parents for raising me as a Catholic. I was thinking today what a blessing it is to be baptised Catholic. If I had not been baptised as a baby, I would not have had the safety net of my faith and what would I have done when I decided to stop all my old ways? It would have been much harder to turn over a new leaf without the knowledge that I was already a member of the Church.

It was so warm in Rome today. It said 26 degrees, but it was definitely hotter than that. I’d say nearer to 30 degrees! Hello God, have you noticed that it’s the 21st of October? I should be wearing a coat by now you know! 😉

What a lovely day and how lucky I am to be living here! 😀


p.s. No, I did not see the canonisation.


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