I know this is my private blog but today I received an e-mail from an active member of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in London, who hold regular prayer vigils outside abortion vigils. I have personally attended these vigils before and have found them to be loving, peaceful and very effective in changing the minds of the women and men who enter the clinic. Unfortunately, the opposition also know that they are effective and also regularly organise demonstrations against the vigils. They brings banners and chant hateful things, sometimes blocking the path of the pro-lifers (the last time I was there, we were lucky that the police had turned up because the demonstrators almost turned violent).

Please, if you possibly can, go along to help the Helpers this Saturday in Stratford, East London. The Helpers have campaigned and prayed very hard to oppose this new clinic and they are not about to give up now. Unfortunately, as is often the case with pro-life activities, some of the Helpers are elderly people and I personally worry a great deal about their safety. We young people can be jostled about and even pushed over without any real injury but it is different for the elderly. Please don’t leave them on their own.

To see the details of the vigil, please click on the link below.




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