It is outrageously hot and nobody knows it but me.

In Italy (or at least in Rome), natives seem to be unaware that their country is ridiculously warm during November. To fit in here, you must not have bare arms (even though you are dying), you must wear a jumper, a coat and jeans (even though you are dying) and you must behave as if this is absolutely run-of-the-mill weather (still dying). Sometimes, I try to do this, and sometimes, if I walk reaaally slowly, I can do it. But today was not of those days. Today is the 14th of November, and although it says 21 degrees, it feels a lot hotter than that. Actually, never mind that, IT’S 21 DEGREES IN NOVEMBER! This is not normal. Having said that, I walked to the post office to try and pick up some books that I ordered (don’t get me started on this…), and I was met by this: Image

And this:


I am not complaining, I’m just saying it’s very warm and I still cannot get over this. I am very lucky to be here 🙂


6 thoughts on “It is outrageously hot and nobody knows it but me.

  1. In November it’s easy to spot the natives at the General Audience: they’re the ones wearing fur coats, even though the sun is beating down and the temperature is in the 20s. *Bella figura*, it’s called.

  2. Reminds me of when I was in France in a lovely warm day in early spring and was wearing a little summer dress. I hd the following conversation with a nice lady at the market:
    Nice lady: “Aren’t you cold in that dress?”
    Me: “Oh, no I’m fine. Quite warm actually…”
    Nice lady: (Recognising my accent) “Oohhh, but you’re English!”
    The Spanish too seem to think that their country is located somewhere near the North Pole…

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