Grumpy Italian gets his comeuppance.

On Sunday, I had an interesting encounter with a grumpy Italian man. I was travelling on the tram through the centre of Rome (near the Jewish ghetto), speaking to my friend in English. I guess I speak quite loudly, but not that loudly (not like an American…. 😉 ). Anyway, we were chatting away and then I hear an Italian man behind me saying (in Italian),

“These bloody foreigners, speaking English, listen to her blah blah blah”

Well, I was not going to stand for that! So I turned around to him and we had this little conversation (in Italian) which amused me …

ME: “Hello, yes, I am a foreigner, and what?”

HIM: “Oh! You speak Italian?”

ME: “Yes”

HIM: “Oh….That’s, err…great! Where are you from?”

ME: “Wales”

HIM: “Wales…England?”

ME: “NO. Wales, Welsh, WALES”

HIM: “Oh, that’s great!!”

ME: “Yes, it is.”

And with that I turned around to my friend again. I hope he will not be so rude about foreigners who come to his country and spend their money in restaurants and bars, thereby helping the abysmal Italian economy. I have noticed that people who live in places with lots of tourists (and who make lots of money from these tourists) think they have the right to be rude about them. No, you don’t. If you are rude, they will not come back and then you’re screwed.


One thought on “Grumpy Italian gets his comeuppance.

  1. I suspect that “On that’s great!” meant that he hadn’t got a clue what the ‘English’ girl meant when she spoke about Wales 🙂

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