Surrender the Secret

Surrender the Secret

Just a quick post which is related to my previous one about post-abortion trauma. I have watched the first two episodes of a new series in the US called ‘Surrender the Secret. To be quite honest, I think this programme will change people’s lives. Sometimes, I feel, we either feel a lot of pain about the unborn child’s death or about the mother’s pain after the abortion. I think it is often difficult for us to strike a balance. This programme strikes that balance that we need. It is not about shaming women, but healing them and helping them to come to terms with what happened instead of blocking it out. Please DO watch this, especially if you have been through an abortion yourself (I don’t know who reads my blog, so maybe I will be lucky enough to be able to help some post-abortive mothers and fathers with this link).

SURRENDER THE SECRET tells the real-life abortion stories of five women, and follows them as they go through post-abortion recovery. Together, these brave women embark upon a healing journey using an eight session bible study called Surrendering the Secret (authored by Pat Layton, LifeWay Press, 2008), specifically written for women who have had an abortion. See how they work through different healing exercises which help them get free from the bondages of pain, guilt and shame.”

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