I know that I haven’t written anything on my blog for aaaages but I have been so busy helping to run the 40 Days For Life vigil in Cardiff! I will write more about 40 DFL after it has finished (tomorrow is the last day, thanks be to God!) but I am thinking of documenting my attempt to get back to the level of fitness that I used to be at! I used to be totally obsessed with the gym, but I had a big fallout with my best friend (who I have not seen or spoken with since) one summer. It got me down for a long time and I just stopped going so often, which is probably the one thing I should not have done if I wanted to keep my spirits up! Since then, I have never really stopped exercising. Sometimes, I have exercised a lot and been very fit but never quite as fit as I was. Since I have finished university and I will just be waitressing this summer (and doing a couple of pilgrimages!), this is the ideal time to get back into it. I remember how good it made me feel, especially in the summer.

Having said that, I know I will make excuses. Doing a good hour or so of exercise everyday is often the last thing I want to do, especially given the weather we’ve been having recently.Writing about it here will be a good way to motivate myself and it will also be interesting to see how quickly I progress (in my last year at uni, 2011-2012, I could still run 6 miles pretty easily without training very often. Occasionally, I did about 10 miles with my male housemate. I know I am nowhere near this standard at the moment!). I’m also hoping those people who read my wee blog will hold me accountable (?). Would this be boring for people to read? It wouldn’t be the only thing that I’d write about here (I will, after all, be doing the Chartres and Walsingham pilgrimage this summer and I will continue to do pro-life work), but fitness used to be a big part of my life and therefore a big part of me! Sometimes, I feel like Catholicism and pro-life stuff has become ‘me’. Yes, those things are part of me (I hope that I always put God at the centre of my life) but I am not just Catholic and pro-life…

Anyway, let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Fitness!

  1. Hey, I am your new blog reader, enjoy very much reading your blog. Admire you much of your strong determination as a a pro-lifer; we all have too many things to do but have too limited time to achieve, yes should always put fitness with some priorities though 🙂

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