So, I said I would be keeping track of my attempt to get fit again and, damn it, I will do it even though only one person commented and encouraged me to do so!

Anyway, I have happy news: Last week, I only got two runs done, the first was about 5k and the second was 8k. I was pretty happy with this because I had only done two runs (each consisting of only 3k and 5 k, I think) throughout the whole of 40DFL (which lasted just over 5 weeks) and before that, I’d just been the using the exercise bike that I recently bought. I worked out pretty hard on the bike, but I still find running much more tiring, which is probably why I prefer cycling 😛 Anyway, I got those two runs done on Monday and Wednesday last week, I think, and then I was away Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the Sacred Triduum. During that time, I barely moved (to be honest, I was kneeling in church for a good few hours everyday! I have developed a flat patch on each knee which doesn’t seem to be fading. Not very attractive, I have to say). I was staying with some new people who were so friendly that I spent hours chatting away with them. So, when I returned on Easter Sunday, I expected to have an awful run. Not so! I ran the 8k again and found myself not even thinking about it as I was on the last 200m, which is usually so difficult. I was just plodding away, looking at the scenery…that almost never happens to me. I could have done another lap of the block if it hadn’t been so dark by that point (on a good proportion of my run there is no pavement, so I must be careful). Today, I went out again, but about half an hour earlier (I much prefer running in the evening to running during the day. I despise running in the morning, but will do it if I have to…). This evening, I did the 8k route and felt good, so I did the second lap of my block and got it up to almost 11k! I am absolutely amazed! I haven’t done over 5k for months and months and now I’m up to 11k and I wasn’t even that tired. Had it not been dark by the time I finished that second lap of my block this evening, I could probably have done the whole basic 8k route again! Really, I can only assume that God knows how much I desperately want to get back to where I was a couple of years ago (both physically and in terms of my fitness level) and that because of 40DFL and attending mass so often in the past couple of months, He has given me this grace! I know that sounds silly but you don’t go from nothing to 11k in a week, do you?! I’ve been running since I was 16 and I have always struggled with the routes I am doing now as they are really very hilly and some of the hills are stinkers. I’m very happy and encouraged. Thanks be to God! He knows me through and through.

3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Good that you are trying to stick to your resolution.I am having a membership at a gym which is 10 mins walk from where I stay .Haven’t visited it for the past 3 weeks.My membership started in mid Feb(first time in my 29 yr old life) and the gym is a 24*7 one and yet I ve been there only 4 times.Have gained 7 kgs in hte past 6 months due to the changing eating habits(mainly sugar).Can any reader/author of this blog inspire me?:P

    • I think what helps me is not to hide from the change that has happened. Regularly try on your clothes that don’t fit and take a good look in the mirror. If you get home at the end of the day and you don’t feel like going to the gym, try to put these clothes on and look in the mirror. That’s always motivation for me! Also, if you have an mp3 player, put together a really good playlist and keep refining it so that you get the tracks that keep you ‘pumped’ :p Also, go out and spend a little money on some well-fitting workout clothes so that you feel comfortable when you’re in the gym. They don’t have to be super expensive. I wear some workout leggings or shorts from Nike (I find they are a better brand than Adidas for this item of clothing and they’re not outrageously expensive. I have some workout clothes that I’ve been wearing for a good 5 years and they’re still good!) with an old baggy-ish t-shirt and a jumper, because it’s still very cold here (but you probably won’t need that in Australia) and because I work out outside right now. Also, be sure to wear appropriate underwear for the gym, haha! That’s more relevant for women than men though! I wonder to myself if the devil is the one who tempts me to be lazy and to avoid exercise. He knows that, while it might make me happy for that evening, not exercising will keep me miserable in the long-term. God wants us to be happy and healthy so we should follow that route, I feel.

  2. For me its not about wearing comfortable clothes.I am lazy to the core when it comes to anything that require some physical exertion.I have never even seen the gym in the 2 colleges where I studied for a total of 6 yrs 😀 Just can’t do that.The main reason I do not like going to a gym is the fact that I feel so tired after the gym(I don’t last for even 45 mins in a gym in one session)which means the only thing I can do after a gym session is lie down on a bed/ sleep (though it may guarantee a gud sleep for that night.I do have broken sleep frequently).I feel motivated to feel going to a gym only when I find that my trousers are becoming tighter (but unfortunately that happens only in the morning and not in the evening when I am free).

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