Going it alone!

A few months back, I left Twitter after having been off it for Lent. When I came back, I realised that I was just using it to stroke my own ego and get satisfaction from people ‘re-tweeting’ what I was writing. I was no longer using it to learn and ‘meet’ other like-minded Catholics as I had done. It was actually quite scary leaving it, because it was such a comfort to see other people who share your views. Then, I retreated back to Facebook which I have been using since I was about 18, so for 6 years! But I started to think that I was doing the same thing there too.

Hoewever, the main problem with both Twitter and Facebook was that they were also taking up a lot of my time.Twitter was the worst – I was not even praying my rosary most days because I’d get into some debate that would last for hours. Once, about a year ago, I debated with some awful people on Twitter who insisted that Pope Pius XII, and the Catholic Church, had helped the Nazi regime even though the total opposite is true and The Guardian (bleurgh), of all papers, reported on a new book which points out what we have always known: Pope Pius XII was a hero! Anyway, they were so hateful and I was so determined that I would defend Mother Church and our beloved Pope, that I actually forgot to eat dinner (this never happens to me. Ask anyone who knows me). I think I was on Twitter for something like 4 hours straight and then I fell asleep exhausted. That is not healthy.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to visit Rome for a few days last week and while I was there, I happened to speak with a priest who was shocked that my friend and I were still on Facebook. Part of his argument was that Facebook has the right to all your information, all your pictures etc. I already knew this but I came to the conclusion that I am probably going to prison for trying to be a decent person at some point anyway, so this isn’t really my main concern. However, he did point out to me what a waste of time it is and on this, I had to agree. He also said that some people see it as part of the ‘New Evangelisation’ but this is just not the case. I saw it like that for a long time too! I just wanted to show my friends how awful it is to believe that abortion is right, that euthanasia is right and maybe to show them how great it is to believe in God and live by His laws. But I have felt for a little while that they had stopped listening, if they were ever listening in the first place. If, one day, one of them said to me that they had not aborted their child because of something that I said or shared on Facebook, I would be overjoyed. That might just happen but I think I have shared enough and that it is better to pray more rather than ‘like’ photo after photo of smiling babies dressed in knitted dungarees. I don’t know where God is taking me but I think wherever it is, I won’t be needing Facebook and the distraction it provides.


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