Nuts about Christ

Originally posted by Brother Burrito on Catholicism is Pure


Ever since an episode of Divine intervention in my life some years ago I have been a bit nutty for Christ. I cannot stop myself from thinking about Him, or making decisions affecting my life without reference to Him. He has become my best friend, though I do not fully understand Him, by a long chalk. This is for the best, as I recognise that understanding Him is more than a life’s work. I love His approachability, which helps me a lot.

He tells me He would like to enjoy friendship and closeness with all his estranged brothers and sisters here on Earth, but there are many things that block the way. He has asked me to help clear these obstructions as much as I can, and to enrol as many as I can find to join in this effort.

So it turns out that I am not his only pal, but thankfully I am not jealous about this. He dislikes exclusiveness and cliques. His other friends are a wide spectrum of people, and some of them are difficult for me to like, but for His sake, I will keep trying.

One thing that has helped my relationship with Him is getting to know His Mother. She is a lovely woman, and I wish all women were more like Her.

Anyway, however my life turns out, I hope I will die knowing that I have met the greatest Person who ever lives.

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