Walsingham documentary

The Latin Mass Society have produced this short documentary (around 13 minutes) about the Walsinghsam pilgrimage. A few people spoke about their experiences of the pilgrimage and I was one of them. I think the video is very well done and that it does capture the atmosphere of the pilgrimage, which was very upbeat. I do feel a bit bad though because I said that I was attracted to the pilgrimage because it’s about “having fun”. I do mean that but I worry that I’ve trivialised the pilgrimage (did I mention that I’m a worrier?). The reason why I made that comment is because I think that attending daily mass, praying the rosary throughout the day, doing penance (yes, really!) and generally doing all things Catholic is fun and I think that the more people grow in their faith, the more fun it becomes.

The video is well worth watching. If you are thinking of walking the Walsingham pilgrimage, I would advise you to go for it!


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