For those of you who are not baking mad, that stands for Great British Bake Off, which has just finished this evening. I am baking mad, though I don’t have time to bake right now (and I gave up sugar, my big vice, to fast during 40 Days For Life) so I love this programme and I have watched it every year since its inception.

I know she’ll never read this but well done to Francis (who won). I’m convinced that she’s a Catholic because she was forever crossing herself and she comes from a family of 5 children. Sorry, but that just confirmed it for us! Plus, she is just lovely.

A typical Ruby moment

I have to say that I was rooting for Ruby because I feel we are kindred spirits. If I had been in the competition, I would have been like her so I empathise when she announces all the mistakes she’s made before Paul and Mary (the judges) have even discovered them and when she despairs and so on.

I can’t wait until the next series!


6 thoughts on “GBBO

  1. I wanted Frances to win too, because I really felt for her every time she got the “style over substance” comment. I didn’t notice that she used to bless herself, but with a surname like Quinn, it’s highly likely she is of Irish ancestry and therefore, also highly likely there’s a bit of RC influence! In the end, her wedding cake was the most spectacular!

    And just to make you jealous, we in Rep of Ireland have a Great Irish Bake Off on TV and we’ve still got 3 episodes to go.

    And I’ve only just noticed that your avatar is a cup cake!

    • Argh, I really am jealous!

      It’s true, those style over substance comments were unfair. When other people made things that were lacking in taste, they didn’t even look good so at least she got 1 out of the 2! Ah, she was just lovely.

      Yes, I love cake too much! When 40DFL is over, I will go into baking mad mode :p

  2. I gave up after episode one, where the presenter announced “(male contestant) lives with his HUSBAND”. I otherwise have enjoyed Bake off with my children until that point. Comes to something when you can’t even watch a cookery show.

    • Yes, I know, I hated that too. I was happy when he went out so that I didn’t have to dread them mentioning his so-called ‘husband’. I should have turned it off, but I’ve given up almost everything now because of that. No Mad Men, no The Good Wife… it’s not an excuse. I should have switched off, like you.

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