“A Catholic without a spiritual director is like an Olympic athlete without a coach”

I have just read this on Catholic.net.  Is this true? If it is true, a lot of us are going to find it very tough to make it to the ‘Olympic games’. I don’t have a spiritual director and I know of quite a few Catholics in Cardiff who don’t either and who really want one (actually a very small minority of the Catholics that I know, in the UK and elsewhere, actually have a spiritual director). They tell me that they feel lost and find it so hard to get their prayer life in order. I feel like that a lot of the time too but the internet is often a gift in these situations. Thanks be to God for the writings of the saints (almost all of which can be found online), papal encyclicals and Catholic blogs. Today, I started reading St Faustina’s diary which I ordered from abebooks.co.uk.

The one person who would have been suitable to be a spiritual director for me and is as orthodox and traditional as you can get (in Cardiff, that is!) seems to be afraid of me. At least, that is the impression I get. They spoke with me once, gave me a book, and then the next time I saw them, I was shooed out of the room after 10 minutes. I assume that I am a scary/disturbing person?

I’ve come to the conclusion that for those of us not fortunate enough to have a spiritual director on earth, God has to be our spiritual director. After all, St Therese didn’t really have a spiritual director. As I remember it, when she entered Carmel, her Spiritual Director was sent away or had to leave for some reason to a foreign country and she received a few letters from him every year and that’s it. So, it can be done.

Perhaps this is one of those situations that Thomas A Kempis spoke of where we realise how frail humans are and we are therefore taught to place all our trust in God.

3 thoughts on ““A Catholic without a spiritual director is like an Olympic athlete without a coach”

  1. No spiritual director here (Cardiff diocese) either. Do good Catholic friends count? Does a wise husband? Does a good confessor? Spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament helps. Hearing the (sadly occasional) good,holy sermon, reading good Catholic blogs,reading good Catholic books (Ignatius press is brill). Good old-fashioned recourse to the sacraments and personal prayer. Traditional/orthodox Catholics do scare people, especially some priests. I am sure there is a memo somewhere warning about us.

    • Well, if you have a good confessor, why not use that person? I don’t have a wise husband 😦 You’ve got one up on me there. All those things you mentioned (minus the husband) are what are keeping me sane right now.

      Love your blog by the way! You should have told me about it! It’s really funny.

      • Btw, I should have known it was you when you commented. Until I looked at your blog, I was trying to think who it could have been. But then, you’re a faithful Catholic, you like the Latin mass and you live in Cardiff. Since there are about oh…5 of us (probably only a slight exaggeration), I should have been able to narrow it down within a couple of seconds.

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