Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

I was asked if I would like to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 6th – 31st of January 2014. Unfortunately, I can’t go (sad face) but I thought I would advertise it here just in case anyone would like to take up the offer. Fr Michael Rowe, the priest I spoke of in my post about the Walsingham pilgrimage, is going to be on this pilgrimage with two other priests so there will be a (traditional) high mass every day! Check out the programme and the booking form.

This pilgrimage is planned to be a bit slower and more meditative than many such journeys, to allow participants more time to view the holy places and pause for private prayer and reflection.  In the Holy Land, there will be plenty of free time for prayer, rest and social interaction.  In Italy, we will visit some places ‘off the beaten track’, giving an opportunity to take in some of the religious and cultural heritage that takes us beyond the usual sights.

   For those who have been to the Holy Land and Italy before, this will be a chance to revisit some familiar places and give them that extra time you wished you had had on your previous visit; and there will be places you have perhaps never seen before, as well.  For first-timers, this will be a good introduction to the places dear to Our Lord and many of His saints.

   Every day will include Mass (two separate celebrations:  the Ordinary Roman Rite in English, and the Extraordinary Roman Rite in Latin), morning and evening prayer.  In the Holy Land, there will be several evening opportunities to hear short lectures and have a Q&A session about the biblical, spiritual and archaeological significance of the sites we visit.

The prices which are shown in those documents are prices which include flights from Australia, so if you are coming from a country which is closer to Israel, the prices will be lower for you. Fr Rowe also told me that it’s possible to do the pilgrimage of the Holy Land only, so of course that would reduce the price by quite a lot too.

Contact Fr Rowe using latinmasschaplaincywa@iinet.net.au for more details


2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

    • Hi,

      Thanks for that.

      I’ve sent a private message with Youth Defence’s details as, even if they’re not the best people to help his sister, they will definitely be able to give advice and details of other organisations.

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