Do you know the blog post/ Here comes the rant

Dear Readers,

A little while ago, I stumbled across a blog post which had pictures (with locations and dates) of abuses during mass before the ‘reform’ of the liturgy in the 1960s. I would very much like to find this blog post again (or a similar one) because some members of my family are convinced that the changes in the mass ( actually I hesitate to call them changes, replace “changes” with a stronger word of your choice) happened only after the Vatican council (why this should be important to them I don’t know, since they don’t even accept that there was or is anything wrong with the changes). I pointed out that no revolution happens over night, that there is always a build up and that I had seen these pictures myself. It was, obviously, a traditional blog. Beyond that, I don’t remember but I am sure that someone must know of it (traditionalists tend to have a good memory, I find!) or a similar post. I know this is a vague and that there are lots of blogs but I know a lot of you read a lot of blogs. If you have any ideas regarding the name of this blog or any other blogs with these pictures, please leave a comment.

Regarding said conversation, I am really sick to the back teeth of hearing people complain about clergy who turned (and continue to turn) a blind eye to abortion, contraception, cohabitation, divorce etc. and how these people all complained to the clergy when it started, y’know around the 1960s-70s (gosh, funny that! I wonder what happened at that time? I can’t quite put my finger on it). Oh, you’re angry because they’re not upholding Catholic teaching? Yet, you still regularly (and freely) attend a mass where this is much clapping (sometimes even during the Gloria, oh yippee!) and singing of various dodgy hymns, Communion on the hand, immodest clothing worn by young (and some not so young) girls, where there is no catechesis, where the priest celebrates mass with his back to the Blessed Sacrament, where he preaches on everything around the subject of luv but not topics that are uncomfortable or rarely covered by secular society, where lay people distribute Holy Communion as if they were themselves priests, where said lay people then stand around a table and drink what is left of the Precious Blood as if they were finishing off the last dregs of a pint, where confession is rarely available and where the Sanctuary (and indeed the whole church) has been stripped bare of anything that might remind you of the Holy Sacrifice, having been replaced by bare wood or plastic and some sort of colourful sign. You go to a mass where all this takes place and you accept it and sometimes even rub it in the face of more traditional Catholics and you think you have a right to be angry because Catholic teaching is not being upheld? How can you expect Catholic teaching to be upheld by the laity or anyone when many of our own priests don’t even behave as if they are holding Our Lord and Saviour in their hands when they raise the Host after consecration? Everything flows from the mass. Everything.

I am not a traditionalist (if indeed I am one. I don’t think I am) because I love Latin or because I love pretty vestments. I am like this because without that mass, I would not be Catholic right now. Yes, I’ve changed a lot in the past couple of years and that is largely down to the Tridentine mass because it introduced me to the real Catholic Church and therefore to God, whom I know and love today. Witnessing the Holy Sacrifice as I had never seen it before opened my eyes to a Church I did not even know existed. The first couple of times that I went, I thought “Nah, this is not for me. I haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going on”. READ THE BLOODY MISSAL is my advice to those who adopt this attitude. After a few more attempts, I was in love. That’s it. I couldn’t go back. I had taken the Red Pill.

Before I appreciated the Old Rite, I thought that being a Catholic meant turning up once a week, sitting through a ceremony and leaving. That was my conception of Catholicism until I was about 22, I promise you. During my whole time as a Catholic up until 22, I might have listened, properly listened, to about 10 sermons. Maybe. That’s probably quite a generous estimation actually.

Before I started attending the Latin mass whenever I could, I did not speak to God very often and never never never prayed the Rosary. I did not know what the Angelus was, I had no devotion to Our Lady or any of the saints (not even to my own beloved St Anthony), I did not ever think about what I received in Holy Communion (I received Communion for years whilst in a state of mortal sin and always on the hand), I did not read any spiritual books, I wore immodest clothes, I got drunk on a regular basis and disgraced myself, I was extremely ignorant regarding almost all Church teaching, I did not even know what Canon Law was, I did not know what doctrine and dogma was, I did not know about Church hierarchy or religious life, I did not know about religious orders or great popes, I had never thought about what homosexuality was, I thought that homosexual sex was totally natural and really never gave it a second thought. This was all after I had decided to turn over a new leaf. Yes, this was me trying to be a faithful Catholic. I just didn’t have a clue! Why should I have known when none of this was ever covered in mass or by any Catholics that I knew (though my parents quite often said practising homosexuality was wrong, that it was physically damaging for those involved, I thought they were very backward but accepted it was an attitude left over from another era*).

Sorry for the rant but seriously, GET A GRIP PEOPLE! Stop complaining and look at what you are witnessing in mass and that is where you will find the answers to our problems.

*My attitude on homosexuality changed quite gradually until, earlier this year, I read a booklet produced by the Terrence Higgins Trust with the charming title, “The Bottom Line. All you’ll ever need to know about your arse and his.” No, that’s not a joke. I assure you it was foul and I have read some foul things in my time. Nonetheless, it was truthful so thank you to the Terrence Higgins Trust for fully converting me to Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction. I owe you a great debt.  I believe that it is no longer available online. At least, I can’t seem to find it anymore. It might have been too foul even for the Terrence Higgins Trust. I had to skip over a lot of it but if you are a bit undecided about the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, get it from the horse’s mouth and read something similar.

10 thoughts on “Do you know the blog post/ Here comes the rant

  1. I have seen not so modest dressing in Latin mass also..Especially among the young ones who attend Latin mass.(Though the proportion is lesser than the ordinary mass)As a person who struggles with “certain” sins against the 6th commandment every time I see a in appropriately dressed one in the church I feel angry towards the clergy for allowing them to enter the church and not speaking up.I go the church to pray and purify myself from my sins but often church is an occasion for me to sin.Wonder how our priests/bishops/cardinals etc…can keep silent about this?(of course,this is not grave as abortion but this certainly is a sin that can rob one’s soul.).Yes,its true most of the time what we hear in the church are the “nice and pleasing ” things to all.Wish if there was a dress code in all churches at least during the mass.Well some time back I attended a muiti- cultural mass.One of the attractions of the mass was bare chested men from Pacific Islands being given a chance to promote their culture at the beginning of the mass by some weird activities..All i did was I thanked God for not having any homosexual attraction..

    PS:I an not a traditionalist but I certainly feel some of the practices in the new mass does not make sense and is not so reverential to God..

    • Mmm, yes, a little bit but the number of people who dress immodestly at the TLMs that I’ve attended has been very small and nothing like as bad as in ordinary masses. I mean, I’ve never seen people wear thigh high boots with corsets or just a suit jacket with nothing underneath and lots of cleavage.

      I totally agree with you about clergy not saying anything or anyone not saying anything. I don’t want to put it all on the shoulders of the priests – this is everyone’s responsibility, isn’t it. Why can’t it be as it is in some of the churches in Rome – if you’re not dressed appropriately, you get given a skirt or a shawl to wear? It’s very simple.

      I think the problem is that people’s conception of what is modest and immodest has to change. Over time, my skirts have got longer the more I’ve realised what is and isn’t modest. Women are so conditioned to dress ‘sexy’ nowadays, that it’s very hard to get out of that mindset. I had to keep telling myself that it’s ok if my clothes are not ‘defining my waist’ or if you can’t see this and that curve. Yep, that’s fine. That does not mean that I don’t look nice. Modest is still nice and it can still look very elegant.

  2. It is not the responsibility of clergy only…but I think they have more responsibility than any one else..We can’t expect the world to teach any one what modesty means..But it is shocking to see the “complete silence” on this matter from their side..It is equally shocking to see even the “devout Catholics” dressing not so appropriately to mass(and outside)..I never have understood how come a regular mass attending girl/women of age 18+ never understand that an immodest dress in all probabilities will cause sexual arousement in menI don’t want to call them hypocrites but want to call them “absolutely dumb Catholics”..If they don’t understand what is proper and what is not who will then?Who will correct the wrong mindset?Definitely not the world…May be the church keeps silence on such matters as they fear that they will “offend” the people..But they have no issue with offending the God with their silence…I have read that in Rome there is dress code pictorially displayed in some churches..I think that s a very powerful message and still does not offend any one personally..But I feel there is a lack of will
    If God on the judgement day give me a chance to accuse me of some one ,the only set I think I will accuse will be the immodestly dressed women in mass and people in authority who turn a blind eye to it.Of course not talking about dress will attract some people to mass but it causes some problem to people like me-[whilst admitting that I have not been faithful in keeping custody of my eyes and thoughts] I won’t comment about men dressing immodestly it does not bother me by any means:

  3. Eyes in the missal or eyes on the altar. Don’t worry about that immodest woman. She may not know any better and screaming at her will just chase her away. Give her a few Masses and she will change her dress on her own.

  4. Brilliant post! Thank you! A priest once told us a story about a girl who was strongly attracted to the Catholic Church. She bought herself a new jacket to wear and went to Mass. An usher told her she couldn’t come in because she was inappropriatly dressed. She didn’t know, bless her. The priest found her in floods of tears. And reassured her. She became a devout Catholic. It’s difficult to teach people without alienating those who don’t know. Maybe the idea of having a pictorial dress code would help. But praying fir them will help as well.

    Look forward to seeing you at the Dome of Home.

    Ursula xxx

    • Hi Ursula,

      Yes, I just think perhaps a little sign. It’s sad that we have to teach people what is modest and not modest nowadays but our perception of modesty is all skewed. Like I said, for me it was a gradual process. Bless that lady! She found her way in the end.

      I’m so excited to come to the Dome too 🙂


  5. As a rider to the above. I recently attended a wedding. The bride apparently asked the priest (and he IS a good priest) if there were ant rules about her dress. He told her ‘No’. She turned up in a dress with a neckline down to her waist. I don’t think it dawned on him, even then. Incidentally, she’s a really nice girl. I don’t think she would have dreamed of wearing if she had known.

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