To begin…and to begin again

Now that 40 Days For Life is over and I have passed my driving test, I finally have my evenings and weekends back and that means that I have time to exercise again. I’ve been so sedentary for the past few weeks and it’s tempting not to want to go back to exercise, to get used to feeling sluggish, but that’s just not an option for me. For one thing, I am far too vain!

Recently, I’ve been going back to exercise (see this and this post) only to have to stop almost completely because of other commitments. I used to be so fit; I have been in amazing shape before but I have to be able to commit at least an hour a day to it and that has not been feasible for me for so long. That makes me so sad! I know it’s vain, but I hate not being in good shape.

I don’t regret doing those things at all – they have been so worthwhile – but that quote regarding our interior lives that I posted here from St Josemaria has been in my head recently:

“Your interior life has to be just that: to begin… and to begin again”

Yes, we will go through periods of time where we have a decent amount of time to pray, we get into a routine and we feel happy with how everything is going, but then life gets in the way and you lose your routine, you feel as if you’re drifting from God and suddenly you haven’t prayed your Rosary in a week. Well, that’s how I feel when I’m trying to take care of my body but, in the same way, it’s just a matter of getting back on the horse. What good will it do you if you give up? If you have to begin again 10,000 times over, so be it. It’s the only thing you can do, so don’t give up on yourself!




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