Say crack again

I’ve just come back from a packed weekend away in London which included the Requiem mass for all deceased members of the LMS in Westminster Cathedral, Sunday Mass at St Patrick’s in Soho and then Vespers at the Brompton Oratory (which was AMAZING). I’m currently working out the logistics of getting to New Brighton in December for a little trip there with a good friend of mine (a trip we’ve been salivating over for months!) and my Dad is asking “Where will it all end?!” because I’m such an extremist, what with all this mass and Vespers. Awful. Shouldn’t I be doing crack cocaine at my age?

A picture from the Dome of Home’s gallery – this is the Catholic equivalent of crack cocaine.

3 thoughts on “Say crack again

  1. Train to Liverpool then local line to New Brighton. Then walk up the hill, the church is there. No problem to you after Walsingham, but that hill nearly kills me! Ursula x

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