Blessed John Henry Newman – Evening Prayers

I’ve been meaning to put up these prayers for months. Almost every evening I say these prayers just before I go to bed and almost every time I do so, I think ‘I must remember to put these up; they’re so good. Remember to do that tomorrow’ and then I go to sleep and forget all about it until the next evening, when I think the same thing.

I’m sure they’re online somewhere but then again, pretty much everything I write on this blog already exists online in some shape or form. Let’s face it, I’m not not breaking new ground here! My reasoning is that the more Catholicism there is online, the better.

These prayers seem to cover all bases. I particularly like the line about wanderings in prayer. There’s also a line which refers to the fact that God could take us at any time. Sometimes, it seems a bit pointless to me that we plan our lives years and years in advance.


Lord, I thank You that You have safely brought me to the end of this day. Protect me from the perils and dangers of the night. Let me rest in peace. Let me lay myself down gratefully as if in death, knowing my spirit may this night be required of me; give me grace that whenever that time comes I may be prepared for it and that when my soul parts from this body it may hear the grateful words “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord”

O God, give me grace at this time duly to confess my sins before You, and truly to repent of them. Blot out of Your book, gracious Lord, all my manifold acts of sin committed against You. Forgive me all my wanderings in prayers, my sins of omission, my deliberate sins against conscience.

Give me eyes to see what is right and a heart to follow it and strength to perform it; and grant that I may in all things press forward in the work of sanctification and ever do Your will, and at length through Your mercy attain to the glories of Your everlasting kingdom through Jesus Christ Our Lord”

I found these prayers in a prayer book that I, ahem,  permanently borrowed from my sister (sorry sis! You will get it back at some point…probably). It was produced by the Catholic Truth Society but there are a couple of spelling mistakes (which get annoying when you read them every night) and also, the personal pronouns referring to God are not capitalised. Argh! I find this so irritating. It really grates on me actually. I understand that not everyone does it, but as far as I know, Blessed John Henry Newman did and therefore I think that all his writings should include capitalised personal pronouns when referring to God.

The editor of the version of Apologia Pro Vita Sua that I read made a point of saying that it’s not very popular to do this anymore but Blessed John Henry Newman did it throughout Apologia Pro Vita Sua so the editor left them in, which, I think, is absolutely right. 1. It is a sign of respect for God, your Creator and 2. on a practical note, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to know to whom the author is referring (if the author is writing about God) when there are a lot of pronouns in one sentence which all refer to different people.

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