Cleaning out my closet

For the past hour or so, I’ve been clearing out one of the drawers in my room which was full of old papers, so that I can use it to house my clothes, which are currently strewn all over my room.

It’s quite fascinating to find things that you’d forgotten about, such as even more notes from my A-levels, old x-rays of my knees from when I tore some ligaments, old birthday cards and photos of nights out with friends (urgh…very messy).

I have learnt 3 things from clearing out my room today: 

1. I must NOT (!!) buy any more clothes in the near future.

2. Cleaning your room is always more cathartic than you think it will be.

3. Fr. Hugh Thwaites is still the best accompaniment to any task, particularly a menial task. Today, I was listening to him speak about the Rosary and I always feel the urge to tell everyone to listen to him, because what he says is so simple yet true and it really makes you want to be a holier and better person. Many hours of his talks can be found here on the Pro Ecclesia website, along with talks from other people such as Venerable Fulton Sheen and Daphne Mcleod. Go forth and be wiser!!


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