Long live Christ in our hearts

Some buscuits I baked last night!

Some biscuits I baked last night!

There is a lot of talk of remembering what Christmas is all about: joy, peace, family. Yes, I agree, but you’re leaving out the vital ingredient, which is God. Without Him, why do joy, peace or family have any importance? What is the point of it all?

The way I see it, each feast reminds us that we should be struggling every day to allow Christ to reign supreme in our hearts. That is the constant and life-long battle. Dear Lord, reign in our hearts today and every day!



3 thoughts on “Long live Christ in our hearts

  1. “Venite adoremus Dominum”. says it all really. Don’t you think? Sorry you missed Midnight Mass at SS Peter, Paul and Philomena’s was thinking of you and how much you would have loved it. Xx

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