Exercise over Christmas

If you want to work your obliques, i.e. your sides/muffin top (if you have one!!), do this video. Woah now, I did this video on Christmas Eve (I’ve been doing squats, lunges etc at home because of the stormy weather this past week) and I am only just getting over it today. This video works!! I have spoken of my love for this lady, Cassie, before. She always manages to distract me with some little story and she’s very positive and has a whole range of videos.

The other video of hers, which I do over and over again and it never gets any easier but really works, is her ‘Call me maybe’ squats video (below) . Yep, that is a toughy but a goody.

Regarding gym wear and what this lady is wearing in her fitness videos, I actually think that it’s fine. Her shorts could be a bit longer but I’ve thought about this quite a lot and no, I am not going to wear a skirt to the gym or to run. Have you ever tried to exercise in a skirt? Yes, exercise makes you very hot and sweaty and that is sort of the whole point. Myself, I don’t wear strap tops to the gym and I try to cover up as best I can (for example, I have a pair of leggings that have a very small skirt attached which just covers your backside), but I think that context is very important. I am not going to wear gym clothes to mass but within the context of a run or lifting weights, it’s totally different and people have different expectations so I don’t think I’m causing scandal. Anyway, that is what I think!


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