Bid to illuminate Wirral’s Dome of Home

Please help to spread the word about the new initiative to raise money in order to illuminate New Brighton’s Dome of Home. I visited the shrine about a month ago and it was wonderful. New Brighton seemed to me like a very pleasant place which has recently been re-developed (a new cinema, restaurants, cafes and bars etc) but it’s true that it could be so much more if projects like this were supported. The Dome is a very unique landmark and I think it’s a ingenious idea on the part of the parish to illuminate it and therefore draw more visitors to a church which is very special, both in its design and its liturgy.

The church’s bid for £500 funding will now go to a public vote and, if successful, will go towards the £10,000 total cost of the project.

An appeal has now been launched for Wirral firms to

come forward and sponsor the scheme to help provide the rest of the funding needed.

Canon Amaury Montjean, French priest and rector of the Shrine Church, said: “I believe that illuminating the dome will be a real investment for growing Wirral businesses, to draw even more visitors and trade to a regenerated New Brighton, in search of heritage, view and a peaceful retreat…”

Go and read the rest of the article here and please do what you can to raise awareness of this great project which would not only help the shrine, but also the surrounding area!

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