A new move

Dear readers,

I haven’t stopped writing this blog, it’s just that I moved to London last week to start a new internship and where I am living now has no internet (that might change soon though!) and I am trying to get used to it all. I will be keeping this blog going, I just have to summon enough brain power to think of something to write for you 🙂

If you can, please do say a little prayer that I will do good work in this internship.

Much love

Ragazza Gallese


6 thoughts on “A new move

  1. Will do. Could you also pray for a priest friend of mine. His parents have both taken seriously ill at the same time. He works in another country and has had to fly home to be with them. He would be most grateful for any prayers.

  2. Yes, please be assured of my prayers too dear ragazzagellese.
    Hope you soon get your internet connection sorted out so that we won’t have to wait too long for more of your posts and lively comments. 🙂

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