Living for the city

Hi all, I am SO sorry that I have not posted in ages! I’m an intern with the Good Counsel Network and things are crazy at the best of times, but now it’s even more crazy because we have begun a 24 hour 40 Days For Life vigil outside the abortion centre in Ealing.

You know, that place really needs to get shut down. Do you know that they abort babies up until 6 months there and that it is so busy, sometimes, the mothers will be queuing up on the front door step to go in? They are open from 7.30am in the morning until about 7pm at night most days because they have that much business. I’ve got to tell you, it’s an evil place and it needs 24 hour prayer to shut it down.

At the moment, part of my job is to ring around, asking people to pray for as long as they can, as often as they can. Let me tell you, it is DEPRESSING. The number of practising Catholics who give me every excuse under the sun makes me want to repeatedly hit my head on the table. A few months ago, a Protestant said to me that she really admired Catholics for doing so much pro-life work. I had to tell her that we may do the most of all Christians, but it’s nowhere near enough and too often, the work falls to the same old (ageing) people.

I struggle to get people to the vigil, especially men for night shifts, which women can’t do on their own. There are thousands of Catholics in London and yet I cannot find 80 men (2 for each night) who will do one night shift each. Yes, it’s cold, yes, it’s a long shift, yes, your nice warm bed seems like a much nicer option. I wonder what God thinks of our excuses. Something tells me He’s less than impressed.

The number for the Good Counsel office is 0207 723 1740. Please phone during working hours to sign up for your slot and save unborn babies from a savage death. We had our first turnaround on day 1 and we hope for many more with your help! The address of the abortion centre and vigil is, 87, Mattock Lane Ealing W5 5BJ

4 thoughts on “Living for the city

  1. dear woman; my daughter is moving to London when she marries her fiancé in May. if you get in touch with her, she will most certainly be there with you- she will soon be looking for good catholic friends in your country I hope you can meet some day. God Bless you and your ministry.

    • That would be great John. 40 Days for life finishes in April but we actually run 3 vigils, including the one at Ealing, 5 days a week (working hours only), every day that they are open and we always need new prayer volunteers. Please do ask her to contact Good Counsel when she gets here on the number I gave.

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