Do you want butter with that?

Oh dear…I haven’t posted for ages! From January to April, this was because I was an intern with the Good Counsel Network and I had very little access to internet and of course I was very busy, especially with 40 Days For Life (23 women and babies saved from abortion during that campaign in Ealing…that we know of!). Now, I am back home (but hoping to be back up in London within the next month or so) and have been for well over a month. I just haven’t got back into the swing of things, though I do love updating my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now, I am back at the job I had when I was 19 18 (6 7 years ago! I don’t feel old enough to have done anything 7 years ago…) – working in the local deli/cafรฉ. When I came home, I had noooo money because a pro-life internship does not make you rich (except in graces, perhaps! I hope). When I am at home, it is so easy for me to vegetate. Get up at midday, eat, watch some TV, maybe go to mass, maybe a run and then bed time again! Not this time!! I wanted to stay busy.

I know I’ve grown up a little bit when I am not embarrassed about what some might say is a step down (and I won’t pretend it’s a step up either). Yes, it’s minimum wage, yes, I make sandwiches and salads and clear tables and yes, most of the people I work with are about 6 or 7 years younger than me. BUT, I am friends with the owners who have kindly allowed me to come back, it’s a 15 minute WALK from my house (yep, salivate over that for a minute), I work pretty much when I want (meaning I can take weekends off to visit friends and sleep in late before going to work) and I always have a veeeeery tasty lunch (lots of the products are organic and locally sourced, so everything tastes soooo good) ๐Ÿ˜‰ D’you know what, I am so much happier working here than I was when I worked 30 hours a week in an office (for pretty much the same wage). I don’t get up at 6am to travel an hour and a half into work, the work is simple but it’s acknowledged as such. Nobody is pretending that their mind-numbingly boring office job is this excellent career and we have these quotas and these products to sell and let’s all dress in office clothes while our brains are melting out of our ears because we never actually use them (one of my fave things to play is, ‘How crazy can I dress at work today’. Stripes and houndstooth with purple trainers might be my best combo to date). I can’t do this job forever and I am waiting to hear if I’ve got another job, but life is pretty good right now. I don’t have rent or travel or office clothes to pay for, so all I’m buying on a daily basis is lunch, which is cheaper because I work there and so tasty because I make it myself and everyday I spend a good 10 minutes thinking about what combination of bread/wraps/bagels with what chutney/chilli jam/pickle and meat/fish/vegetable/cheese I am going to eat ๐Ÿ™‚ There are worse things in life!

Because it’s in my home village, I see loads of people that I grew up with and a lot of the parents of my old school friends and I really think that some of them pity me. Let me tell you, I pity them. Do they sleep in until 11am everyday? I don’t think so. Also, I have so much fun working there. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit slow, but sandwich making is actually surprisingly hilarious at times. OK…I admit that you’ve got to be there to get it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think this is another step in my journey of not giving a flying [insert object] what people think of me. I worried when I started taking my faith seriously, I worried when I didn’t apply for every corporate job under the sun after university, I worried when I gave up a salary for pro-life work and now…I don’t worry. Is God going to measure our lives by what job we had? I don’t think so. Are you happy? Is your prayer life flourishing? Is this where you really want to be right now? Some of this might sound a bit nu age, but there’s some truth to it. It’s not just about happiness, but about making the best of your current situation based on what you need and want, and ultimately what God wants for you in the long-term.

Anyway, now you know where I am, I can start blogging properly again! ร€ bientรดt!


6 thoughts on “Do you want butter with that?

  1. Hi Ursula,

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, Adam and I have been talking about this recently and I think we’re going to try to come back in the summer. I’m not sure exactly when, but maybe July. I am itching to go back ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you going on the Walsingham pilgrimage this year?

    • If humanly possible! I have bought a new tent for the purpose and as I didn’t get much walking done last year I’m hoping to improve this year and deserve the tent! Say a prayer Alex manages to come too. The LMS are organising a pilgrimage to the Dome sometime in August for one day. I’ll be helping with the tea. Hope to see you at some point. Will you be at Hollywell for the Latin Mass pilgrimage?

      • I will say a prayer for Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m not sure if I will be at the Holywell pilgrimage, but I hope very much that I will be! I will try my best to get there x

  2. Oh dear, I’m feeling a bit jealous, I happen to work in a deli/cafe too (yes, sandwich making is hilarious!) and all we get to wear is black, black, black…no spots or stripes or anything…

    • Oh dear! I’ve had jobs like that before. All the black clothes fade at different rates, which makes it awkward. I see the logic of it, but it does take the fun out of getting dressed, doesn’t it!

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