Pretty Hurts

Recently, Beyonce and other singers have been making lots of songs about how “perfection is a disease” and stop focusing on what you look like, embrace what you look like naturally, feminism is awesome etc etc etc. Can I just make a very simple and obvious point? How many hours in the gym, at the hairdresser, with a make up artist and a stylist would it take for the average woman to look like Beyonce, who supposedly doesn’t believe in trying to look perfect? Seriously woman, do you actually expect me to believe that you rolled out of bed like that?! What a hypocrite.

Oh right, so THIS is what natural looks like…not perfect at all. Nope.

If you want somebody who really did not care about her looks but was totally focussed on others and on the SOUL, look at Blessed Mother Teresa. She had a bucket for washing and, I believe, two saris.

This is what a strong woman looks like!


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