The mess that is me

So, you know how I have been thinking about Chartres for some time and planning what I will pack…well, I didn’t actually start the packing until about 3 hours ago. And, by packing I mean that I have been staring at my clothes and my empty bag and wondering where that warm sleeping bag has gone… I’m also trying to plan clothes that will a) keep me cool/warm/dry/all of the above at various times in the day b) be decent for mass and c) not make me look like an elephant. I’m sure you can appreciate that this is quite tricky.

I chose tonight, of all nights, to hand wash my mantilla, and various other things, and have just discovered that my warmest jumper is in fact dirty. I have also been religiously checking BBC weather and Meteo France. Apparently there is a 50% chance that it will be raining in the areas where we’ll be walking, which is really useful to know when packing. So now I just need to prepare for thunderous showers or 26 degree sun, which is no problem at all πŸ™‚

I decided I needed to visit a beauty salon so I’ve made an appointment for that before going to work, from whence I will need to leave immediately to get my train to London, so that I can stay with my friend and get up at about 4.30/5am to get to Westminster for 7am. That’s why I’m here, typing this. You see, when you have no time to pack or sleep or do anything, the best thing to do is to waste more time!

Ah, I can tell this is going to be good by my level of disorganisation. The more disorganised I am, the more I leave it up to God, so of course everything is going to be BRILLIANT!!


3 thoughts on “The mess that is me

  1. The last minute disorganisation just makes it sound like more of an adventure! I hope you have a really wonderful time, sending prayers for the journey:)

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  2. Oops, sorry, I’m not sure what I just did, I was meaning to leave a comment, but now I’m not sure where it went!

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