Pretty Hurts

Recently, Beyonce and other singers have been making lots of songs about how “perfection is a disease” and stop focusing on what you look like, embrace what you look like naturally, feminism is awesome etc etc etc. Can I just make a very simple and obvious point? How many hours in the gym, at the hairdresser, with a make up artist and a stylist would it take for the average woman to look like Beyonce, who supposedly doesn’t believe in trying to look perfect? Seriously woman, do you actually expect me to believe that you rolled out of bed like that?! What a hypocrite.

Oh right, so THIS is what natural looks like…not perfect at all. Nope.

If you want somebody who really did not care about her looks but was totally focussed on others and on the SOUL, look at Blessed Mother Teresa. She had a bucket for washing and, I believe, two saris.

This is what a strong woman looks like!

Beyoncé and abortion

This article on Live Action’s blog perfectly describes how I feel. Now, I know that some of you think that Beyoncé dresses immodestly (yep, sometimes she does) and that her music is total rot, but I have grown up listening to her sing as part of Destiny’s Child and I actually really like her music. I have lots of the Destiny’s Child albums and many of hers. However, ever since she started endorsing Barack Obama, arguably the most pro-abortion president ever, I don’t want to listen to her music. When one of her songs comes on, even though I like it, I get no enjoyment from listening to it because she has made a point of linking it and herself with the slaughter of the unborn through Obama. I honestly do pray for him (though I need to do more), but anyone who supports him, especially since his last presidential campaign which featured such a heavy emphasis on the importance of ‘reproductive rights’ (that is, the right to kill your innocent unborn child who would love you from the moment they knew you if you would only let them live), must know what he is advocating. There is absolutely no way that Beyoncé does not know that he and his wife support abortion as late as possible, even after birth. So why oh why this emphasis on her baby and the life growing inside of her? What is she thinking? I thought she was intelligent but has she not put two and two together? Read the Live Action article and, if you can, watch her documentary ‘Life is but a dream’. The emphasis on the life of her child inside of her is so intense that, after watching the documentary for the first time and wanting to ‘Google’ if she had ever expressed any views on abortion, I found this thread on a forum: Do take a look at it because it’s quite amazing. This woman says, and it almost seems too stereotypical to be true (except that I have met many women like this…ugh, thanks be to God, university is over),

“Just watched the Beyonce documentary on HBO and it is quite clear that she is vehemently anti-abortion. How come no one is talking about this? Where is the outrage?”

I kid you not. Yes, now it’s outrageous to love your unborn child. Do you know what is outrageous? That nobody has taken Beyoncé to one side and tried to knock some sense into her on this issue. Woman, you are pro-life, GET OVER IT (and start promoting it!).