Good Counsel sponsored walk

I’m still alive! Yes, I completed the Good Counsel annual sponsored walk on Saturday the 20th of July. We had very pleasant weather – not too hot or too cold and the company was excellent. I had a long chat with numerous people and many snacks along the way. Also, I raised lots of money for The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel! In fact, I raised £343.55! Thank you very very much to everyone who donated! Can you believe, both of my bosses made very generous donations! I am so blessed!*

Apparently, there is a turnaround (that is, a lady who was going to abort her baby but does not because she has spoken to a pro-lifer outside the clinic) almost every day at the moment. Sometimes, there are two in a day! Deo gratias!! Isn’t it amazing that we can directly contribute towards the saving of a human life? God is so good to us. A very special thank you to the person who made a £100 donation in the wee hours of Saturday morning. What a babe.

There is still time to make a donation (apparently 20% of donations are made after the event, hurray!), so don’t worry if you haven’t done so already. I know that money is burning a hole in your pocket so why not give it to the unborn? 😉


* Are there enough exclamation marks here?