Erroneous thinking

Below is an excellent letter that a member of the SPUC South Wales branch, Lawrence Coventry, wrote to his local newspaper regarding the lies that pro-abortionists cling to in order to back up their barbaric support of child slaughter.

At a 40 Days For Life vigil in Cardiff on Saturday, October 11, a pro-abortion counter demonstration was mounted on the opposite pavement outside the BPAS clinic.

One young lady in that group carried two wholly erroneous placards. One claimed ‘every child a wanted child’ to support abortion. This is wholly untrue. The introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act was accompanied in future years by rapidly rising statistics of born child abuse. Callous disregard of the unborn multiplies callous disregard of the ‘Baby P’s’ of this world.

Her second placard carried the slogan ‘we are all Savitas now’. Savita entered hospital with severe sepsis. Her severe illness caused a natural miscarriage. The only relevance of her pregnancy was that such circumstances make it more difficult to detect sepsis, which increased the need for the hospital to have analysed its blood tests. To perform an abortion in such circumstances would spread infection by means of the abortion instruments to the sterile area of the amniotic sac and worsen the infection. It is not an advised procedure. The child had no part in boosting or spreading the infection. The whole shrieking crescendo of demagogic outrage was false.

The new abortion law in Ireland which followed, allows abortion for threat of suggestions or suicide, a self serving outlet for every abortion requested on demand. The lie of the suicide threat is shown by Professor Coleman’s largest ever collation of studies on unwanted pregnancy, about 2,000 in total, showing there is an 81% increased chance of mental problems, from drug taking to suicide, from having an abortion. This has been published in the British Journal of Psychiatry and endorsed by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The British Medical Research Council itself has published its findings that there is a level playing field.

Both of these conclusions abolish the empty chain passed by doctors authorising 98% of abortions (under category c) that there is a greater risk to the patient’s mental health by continuing than by aborting the child. The physical risk can be discounted in 75 out of 190,000 cases within the 98%.

The Protection of the Person Act of the 1860s still stands, except where specifically overridden by the 1967 Abortion Act.

Gender selection abortion is illegal, but Keir Starmer will not uphold the law because of alleged wide discretion given to doctors, which is apparently so wide that doctors are said to sign off abortion permissions without seeing the patient.

Since 1967 there have been a few hundred deaths from legal abortion which caused no storm of protest.

Very very well done, I think. It makes me proud that we have pro-lifers in our area who are so well informed. What makes me ashamed is that other women could be so wilfully ignorant and dumb. If you support abortion, you should at least know the facts but it seems that a tiny minority actually do.