Living for the city

Hi all, I am SO sorry that I have not posted in ages! I’m an intern with the Good Counsel Network and things are crazy at the best of times, but now it’s even more crazy because we have begun a 24 hour 40 Days For Life vigil outside the abortion centre in Ealing.

You know, that place really needs to get shut down. Do you know that they abort babies up until 6 months there and that it is so busy, sometimes, the mothers will be queuing up on the front door step to go in? They are open from 7.30am in the morning until about 7pm at night most days because they have that much business. I’ve got to tell you, it’s an evil place and it needs 24 hour prayer to shut it down.

At the moment, part of my job is to ring around, asking people to pray for as long as they can, as often as they can. Let me tell you, it is DEPRESSING. The number of practising Catholics who give me every excuse under the sun makes me want to repeatedly hit my head on the table. A few months ago, a Protestant said to me that she really admired Catholics for doing so much pro-life work. I had to tell her that we may do the most of all Christians, but it’s nowhere near enough and too often, the work falls to the same old (ageing) people.

I struggle to get people to the vigil, especially men for night shifts, which women can’t do on their own. There are thousands of Catholics in London and yet I cannot find 80 men (2 for each night) who will do one night shift each. Yes, it’s cold, yes, it’s a long shift, yes, your nice warm bed seems like a much nicer option. I wonder what God thinks of our excuses. Something tells me He’s less than impressed.

The number for the Good Counsel office is 0207 723 1740. Please phone during working hours to sign up for your slot and save unborn babies from a savage death. We had our first turnaround on day 1 and we hope for many more with your help! The address of the abortion centre and vigil is, 87, Mattock Lane Ealing W5 5BJ

A new move

Dear readers,

I haven’t stopped writing this blog, it’s just that I moved to London last week to start a new internship and where I am living now has no internet (that might change soon though!) and I am trying to get used to it all. I will be keeping this blog going, I just have to summon enough brain power to think of something to write for you :)

If you can, please do say a little prayer that I will do good work in this internship.

Much love

Ragazza Gallese

I said to the man

I said to the man
Who stood at the gate of the
Year, ‘Give me a light that I
May tread safely into the
Unknown.’ And he replied,
‘Go out into the darkness and
Put your hand into the hand
Of God. That shall be to
You better than light and
Safer than a known way!’ So
I went forth and finding the
Hand of God, trod gladly into
The night. And He led me
Towards the hills and the
Breaking of the day in the lone

So heart be still:
What need our little life
Our human life to know,
If God hath comprehension?
In all the dizzy strife
Of things both high and low,
God hideth His intention.
God knows, His will is best.
The stretch of years which
Wind ahead, so dim to our
Imperfect vision, are clear
To God. Our fears are
Premature: In Him all time
Hath full provision.

Then rest; until God moves
To lift the veil from our
Impatient eyes, when, as
The sweeter features of
Life’s stern face we hail,
Fair beyond all surmise
God’s thought around His
Creatures our mind shall fill.

If devotion to …

If devotion to the most holy Virgin Mary is necessary to all men, simply for working out their salvation, it is still more so for those who are called to any particular perfection; and I do not think anyone can acquire intimate union with our Lord, and a perfect fidelity to the Holy Ghost, without a very great union with the most holy Virgin, and a great dependence on her succour – St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary, p. 16

Bid to illuminate Wirral’s Dome of Home

Please help to spread the word about the new initiative to raise money in order to illuminate New Brighton’s Dome of Home. I visited the shrine about a month ago and it was wonderful. New Brighton seemed to me like a very pleasant place which has recently been re-developed (a new cinema, restaurants, cafes and bars etc) but it’s true that it could be so much more if projects like this were supported. The Dome is a very unique landmark and I think it’s a ingenious idea on the part of the parish to illuminate it and therefore draw more visitors to a church which is very special, both in its design and its liturgy.

The church’s bid for £500 funding will now go to a public vote and, if successful, will go towards the £10,000 total cost of the project.

An appeal has now been launched for Wirral firms to

come forward and sponsor the scheme to help provide the rest of the funding needed.

Canon Amaury Montjean, French priest and rector of the Shrine Church, said: “I believe that illuminating the dome will be a real investment for growing Wirral businesses, to draw even more visitors and trade to a regenerated New Brighton, in search of heritage, view and a peaceful retreat…”

Go and read the rest of the article here and please do what you can to raise awareness of this great project which would not only help the shrine, but also the surrounding area!

Sunshine Award

Dear Eccles has nominated me for a Sunshine Award, which I am told is an award given by one blogger to another, like the Liebster Award. It’s really kind of Eccles to do that for me because, bless his heart, Eccles is forever promoting my little blog! He has faith in me, and I am very grateful for that.

I have to do three things:

1. Post ten bits of information about myself.

2. Nominate ten other blogs.

3. Leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been nominated.

Sunshine Award

Ok, ten bits of information about me and then ten blogs that I am also nominating.

Alrighty then…

- I am Welsh, born and bred, and a Welsh speaker, but my Mum is Anglo-Indian.

- I have six brothers and sisters. I am the youngest.

- I am very fond of cats, especially my own, Rhea. When she first came to us,  she would steal wet flannels and dish cloths and keep them in her bed like little kittens. I used to know a cat who would steal shallots from the cupboard and hide them under the sofa.

- When a recipe requires one clove of garlic, I put in four. One can never use too much garlic.

- St Anthony of Padua is my confirmation saint.

- One day, I wouldn’t mind training as a fitness instructor – it would kill two birds with one stone.

- Amaretto with ice is my tipple of choice.

- Saying sorry is not the hardest thing. Resolving to say sorry is the hardest thing. Once you’ve decided you will do it, the battle has been won.

- I have heard people say that everyone should write a book before they die, but I would hate to do that.

- All I want to do is bake cakes, be on pilgrimage and go to mass…but life gets in the way :(

Now, ten blogs that I would like to nominate. This is a bit tough because Eccles has nominated a lot of the blogs that would like to nominate, probably because we read almost exactly the same blogs. There are blogs that I read that I think that have not been mentioned yet, however, there are only seven of them on my list. They’re a very strong seven, mind! And, I have only got a teeny weeny blog so is it ok if I’m let off the hook, pretty please?

1. Offerimus Tibi Domine 

I cannot believe that there are Catholics who do not read this blog. I say, “You don’t read Fr Henry’s blog?! But it’s so good!”.

2. The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative

This blog always has a broad collection of pro-life news and often writes about the saint of the day. Plus, the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative is pretty awesome too.

3. Catholic Scout

I have learnt so much from this person. I owe him a great debt because he has directed me to many wonderful sources of information regarding the Catholic faith and has taken the time to explain so much to me. Yes, I think he is a wise man.

4. A Chaplain Abroad

Now, I can’t tell you if Fr Rowe’s blog already gets a lot of readers. It probably does but I think that what he writes is hilarious and you should all read it. I would like to send Fr lots of e-mails to tell him how funny his posts are, but I think this would get annoying for him so I restrain myself. He hasn’t updated in over a month, but maybe he is away. Fr Rowe, please update your blog!


A very informative and useful blog regarding life issues run by Robin Haig on behalf of The Association of Lawyers for the Defence of the Unborn. It is so important to be aware of pro-life issues from all sides, including the legal aspect. It just makes me cringe when pro-lifers cannot defend their argument with proper facts. The facts are on our side, that is the whole beauty of it!!

6. Zelie’s Roses

I often get asked where I bought my mantilla from and the one I wear at the moment I bought from the lady who runs this blog. I think it is well worth investing in a lovely mantilla because with a mantilla, you are giving glory to God and it is good to do so with a beautiful one. Also, when I am wearing clothes which are not very nice in mass (during 40 DFL for example, when I dress primarily to keep warm), I am very glad of my mantilla which allows me to keep something of beauty for God only.

7. Loving Mantillas 

Another place where mantillas are appreciated! We need to stick up for each other, you know! I just think it is a really beautiful tradition and it’s lovely to see them documented with such love on this site.

St Francis de Sales on Devotion

“Believe me…devotion is the pleasure of pleasures, and the queen of virtues. It is the perfection of charity. If charity be milk, devotion is the cream; if charity be a plant, devotion is its flower; if charity be a precious stone, devotion is its lustre; if charity be a precious balm, devotion is its odour; yes, the odour of sweetness which comforts men and makes the angels rejoice”