Guest post on March for Life UK’s blog

The March for Life UK organisers asked me to write a post for their blog, where they are inviting people to attend the 2015 March for Life in Birmingham on the 16th of May. Please come to the march, which is a great witness for life. The theme for the march this year is ‘life from conception – no exception’, which, as John Smeaton said, is the only realistic stance you can take on the subject!

Have a look at my post 🙂 am the prolife generation

Living for the city

Hi all, I am SO sorry that I have not posted in ages! I’m an intern with the Good Counsel Network and things are crazy at the best of times, but now it’s even more crazy because we have begun a 24 hour 40 Days For Life vigil outside the abortion centre in Ealing.

You know, that place really needs to get shut down. Do you know that they abort babies up until 6 months there and that it is so busy, sometimes, the mothers will be queuing up on the front door step to go in? They are open from 7.30am in the morning until about 7pm at night most days because they have that much business. I’ve got to tell you, it’s an evil place and it needs 24 hour prayer to shut it down.

At the moment, part of my job is to ring around, asking people to pray for as long as they can, as often as they can. Let me tell you, it is DEPRESSING. The number of practising Catholics who give me every excuse under the sun makes me want to repeatedly hit my head on the table. A few months ago, a Protestant said to me that she really admired Catholics for doing so much pro-life work. I had to tell her that we may do the most of all Christians, but it’s nowhere near enough and too often, the work falls to the same old (ageing) people.

I struggle to get people to the vigil, especially men for night shifts, which women can’t do on their own. There are thousands of Catholics in London and yet I cannot find 80 men (2 for each night) who will do one night shift each. Yes, it’s cold, yes, it’s a long shift, yes, your nice warm bed seems like a much nicer option. I wonder what God thinks of our excuses. Something tells me He’s less than impressed.

The number for the Good Counsel office is 0207 723 1740. Please phone during working hours to sign up for your slot and save unborn babies from a savage death. We had our first turnaround on day 1 and we hope for many more with your help! The address of the abortion centre and vigil is, 87, Mattock Lane Ealing W5 5BJ

Erroneous thinking

Below is an excellent letter that a member of the SPUC South Wales branch, Lawrence Coventry, wrote to his local newspaper regarding the lies that pro-abortionists cling to in order to back up their barbaric support of child slaughter.

At a 40 Days For Life vigil in Cardiff on Saturday, October 11, a pro-abortion counter demonstration was mounted on the opposite pavement outside the BPAS clinic.

One young lady in that group carried two wholly erroneous placards. One claimed ‘every child a wanted child’ to support abortion. This is wholly untrue. The introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act was accompanied in future years by rapidly rising statistics of born child abuse. Callous disregard of the unborn multiplies callous disregard of the ‘Baby P’s’ of this world.

Her second placard carried the slogan ‘we are all Savitas now’. Savita entered hospital with severe sepsis. Her severe illness caused a natural miscarriage. The only relevance of her pregnancy was that such circumstances make it more difficult to detect sepsis, which increased the need for the hospital to have analysed its blood tests. To perform an abortion in such circumstances would spread infection by means of the abortion instruments to the sterile area of the amniotic sac and worsen the infection. It is not an advised procedure. The child had no part in boosting or spreading the infection. The whole shrieking crescendo of demagogic outrage was false.

The new abortion law in Ireland which followed, allows abortion for threat of suggestions or suicide, a self serving outlet for every abortion requested on demand. The lie of the suicide threat is shown by Professor Coleman’s largest ever collation of studies on unwanted pregnancy, about 2,000 in total, showing there is an 81% increased chance of mental problems, from drug taking to suicide, from having an abortion. This has been published in the British Journal of Psychiatry and endorsed by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The British Medical Research Council itself has published its findings that there is a level playing field.

Both of these conclusions abolish the empty chain passed by doctors authorising 98% of abortions (under category c) that there is a greater risk to the patient’s mental health by continuing than by aborting the child. The physical risk can be discounted in 75 out of 190,000 cases within the 98%.

The Protection of the Person Act of the 1860s still stands, except where specifically overridden by the 1967 Abortion Act.

Gender selection abortion is illegal, but Keir Starmer will not uphold the law because of alleged wide discretion given to doctors, which is apparently so wide that doctors are said to sign off abortion permissions without seeing the patient.

Since 1967 there have been a few hundred deaths from legal abortion which caused no storm of protest.

Very very well done, I think. It makes me proud that we have pro-lifers in our area who are so well informed. What makes me ashamed is that other women could be so wilfully ignorant and dumb. If you support abortion, you should at least know the facts but it seems that a tiny minority actually do.

Well done Julian Fellowes!

As we sat watching Downton Abbey yesterday, getting more annoyed the more useless Rosamund showed herself to be, we thought we would be sad witnesses of yet another programme which would pedal the same old liberal lie: that abortion is a woman’s ‘right’. How glad and proud we were when, after Edith sadly admitted that she would be killing her baby with an abortion and after she caught a glimpse of the misery which inevitably follows abortion (be it immediately or years later, in some cases) in the form of a sobbing woman in the ‘clinic’, she decided against abortion and her child was allowed to live! My Mum said afterwards [of Julian Fellowes], “He’s a Catholic, you know”, to which I replied that being a Catholic (in name) means nothing nowadays. That’s true, but that makes this particular occasion all the more sweet because no one would have batted an eyelid if a Catholic like Fellowes had openly shown support for abortion.

Yes, it’s only a story line, but it means that millions of people will see that strong message, and that was very brave of Julian Fellowes. I don’t know if Fellowes is a faithful Catholic (I found this about him in The Telegraph. He says, “On Sunday I like going to Church. I’m a Catholic so I’m conditioned to it.” Hmmm),  but he’s been faithful on this point and that’s good enough for me.

Who knows what seeds may have been sewn in the hearts of those watching last night, whilst curled up in front of the TV. It makes me happy to know that a pro-life message has been shared with so many. I hope it all goes right for Edith and her baby in the rest of series!

Pray for 40 Days For Life

Please pray for all those taking part in 40 Days For Life campaigns around the world. Many of those praying for the parents and unborn children entering the clinics will receive a huge amount of abuse for doing so and they need your prayers to keep them going throughout the 40 days. If there is a vigil near you, please don’t make excuses, just get down there.

Good Counsel sponsored walk

I’m still alive! Yes, I completed the Good Counsel annual sponsored walk on Saturday the 20th of July. We had very pleasant weather – not too hot or too cold and the company was excellent. I had a long chat with numerous people and many snacks along the way. Also, I raised lots of money for The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel! In fact, I raised £343.55! Thank you very very much to everyone who donated! Can you believe, both of my bosses made very generous donations! I am so blessed!*

Apparently, there is a turnaround (that is, a lady who was going to abort her baby but does not because she has spoken to a pro-lifer outside the clinic) almost every day at the moment. Sometimes, there are two in a day! Deo gratias!! Isn’t it amazing that we can directly contribute towards the saving of a human life? God is so good to us. A very special thank you to the person who made a £100 donation in the wee hours of Saturday morning. What a babe.

There is still time to make a donation (apparently 20% of donations are made after the event, hurray!), so don’t worry if you haven’t done so already. I know that money is burning a hole in your pocket so why not give it to the unborn? 😉


* Are there enough exclamation marks here?

Beyoncé and abortion

This article on Live Action’s blog perfectly describes how I feel. Now, I know that some of you think that Beyoncé dresses immodestly (yep, sometimes she does) and that her music is total rot, but I have grown up listening to her sing as part of Destiny’s Child and I actually really like her music. I have lots of the Destiny’s Child albums and many of hers. However, ever since she started endorsing Barack Obama, arguably the most pro-abortion president ever, I don’t want to listen to her music. When one of her songs comes on, even though I like it, I get no enjoyment from listening to it because she has made a point of linking it and herself with the slaughter of the unborn through Obama. I honestly do pray for him (though I need to do more), but anyone who supports him, especially since his last presidential campaign which featured such a heavy emphasis on the importance of ‘reproductive rights’ (that is, the right to kill your innocent unborn child who would love you from the moment they knew you if you would only let them live), must know what he is advocating. There is absolutely no way that Beyoncé does not know that he and his wife support abortion as late as possible, even after birth. So why oh why this emphasis on her baby and the life growing inside of her? What is she thinking? I thought she was intelligent but has she not put two and two together? Read the Live Action article and, if you can, watch her documentary ‘Life is but a dream’. The emphasis on the life of her child inside of her is so intense that, after watching the documentary for the first time and wanting to ‘Google’ if she had ever expressed any views on abortion, I found this thread on a forum: Do take a look at it because it’s quite amazing. This woman says, and it almost seems too stereotypical to be true (except that I have met many women like this…ugh, thanks be to God, university is over),

“Just watched the Beyonce documentary on HBO and it is quite clear that she is vehemently anti-abortion. How come no one is talking about this? Where is the outrage?”

I kid you not. Yes, now it’s outrageous to love your unborn child. Do you know what is outrageous? That nobody has taken Beyoncé to one side and tried to knock some sense into her on this issue. Woman, you are pro-life, GET OVER IT (and start promoting it!).